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Welcome to the newest attraction on the Mornington Peninsula!


Locked in Escape Rooms are interactive, live puzzle escape games in Mornington.

At Locked in Escape Rooms, you are part of the story. As events unfold you and your team are drawn more deeply into the mystery and quickly realize you’ll need your wits and some quick thinking if you want to escape in 60 minutes.

You and your team will hunt for hidden objects and clues, solve interactive puzzles, and open locked spaces to reveal even more.


Locked in Escape Rooms are great for a night out with friends, a family activity, a unique birthday/hens/bucks party, corporate team building or school excursion.

Locked in Escape Rooms are suitable for all ages, but children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

For more details, check out the full room descriptions and our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

The Rooms


Your grandmother has been visiting Madame Jarvier for many years.  Lately, she has been bringing Madame Jarvier precious objects for her to “read”.

When you last visited your grandmother, her house was bare.  But worst of all, her engagement ring was misssing!

You have tried to deal with Madame Jarvier, to see if you can get your grandma’s things back.  She will not help you.

You and your friends have a one hour opportunity whilst Madame Jarvier is out of her rooms to find your grandma’s ring and to escape before she returns.

The clock is ticking.  Will you make it?


You have been accused of a crime you did not commit and placed in custody.

You are a long way from home.

No one is listening.

You must escape and prove your innocence before it is too late.


This a flexible room that sets team against team, or one team against the clock.

Two identical rooms, with identical puzzles that lead to the ultimate prize, The Carbine Diamond.

Can your team complete the challenge before the opposition?

Break into the Carbine Museum of Natural History and race to the diamond.

You decide your teams.

Room accommodates up to 8 people (2 teams of 4).



Did you know that Mornington had a coal fired power station that was decommissioned in the early 70s?

The energy crisis is here and tthe power  has gone out all over town.  You have been tasked with getting the power station back online in order to meet our energy needs.

Can you and your team get the power back on before chaos ensues?